Blue Ridge Parkway (in Autumn Colors)

Today for our adventure, we decided to load up the conversion van and drive south from Gatlinburg TN through the Great Smoky Mountain National Park to the start of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Sarah and I have driven the entire length of the Blue Ridge last year during our Honeymoon in May 2012.

The Parkway was really showing its colors today! The leaves were very vibrant in all sorts of shades of Yellows, Oranges, and Reds. The skies were clear and blue with a hint of chill in the air (50 – 55 degrees). We saw a lot of people taking photographs and riding their motorcycles on the parkway.

We drove about 70 miles of the parkway to US276. This road enters the Pigsah National Forest. We stopped along the way to see Sliding Rock and Looking Glass waterfalls. I will have pictures of those attractions later (Need to find my other camera!)

We stopped for some ice cream at Dolly’s ice cream shoppe in Bevard, then turned back to drive the parkway back to Great Smoky national park to Gatlinburg. This drive was in the dark unfortunately, but the road was still safe with some traffic in both directions.

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