Pool Equipment rework

Before. The system had a faulty gas heater and a broken automation system

Another adventure in our new home…

When we bought the house, we knew going in that the Pool equipment was in poor shape. But we did not realize that it was very dangerous condition!

Looking at the setup, there were 2 pumps (one that worked), 2 filters, solar heating, heat pump, gas heater, and a broken automation system. Upon further examination, the system would only run if you flipped the breaker and ensured you stepped over the LIVE wires that were left on the ground!

Obviously we needed to replace this gear. I hired out a local pool remodeler, ClearTec, and in about a week we replaced all the equipment and re plumbed everything. Now I have a internet-enabled pool system that I can start and manage through my cell phone with equipment that works in a safe manner.

Check out the photos below (Before + After)

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