Jenkins Estate remodel : J3’s Bedroom

Room is completed!. You can see the new fan.

Over the past 2 weeks, we have performed a major remodel of the front bedroom at our house. This remodel included replacing the existing florescent lights, adding a ceiling fan, re-wiring the light switches, adding Ket West shudders, and repainting the ceiling, walls, and trim.

Well the electrical work was very involved. I hired an electrician when I found 4 recessed can lights that were hidden under the 2 florescent lights. The recessed cans were filled with expanding foam and look like they were a total loss.

The electrician fixed the problem and found several potentially dangerous wiring (spliced wires in the wall, old can light still had power, many electrical boxes hidden in the wall). He fixed the wiring, put in the fan mount, and left me with some plaster work to do 🙁

At the end of the day, I got the can lights to work, fixed all the plaster walls, installed the ceiling fan, and completely repainted the room. After the shudders were installed, the room was complete.

Here are some photos of the whole saga from start to finish:

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